3D Systems Gentle Giant team delivers a long history of expert scanning, design and manufacturing teams to leverage movie FX, prop and figurine design, production, mass manufacturing and marketing of licensed property

3D digital technologies are enabling gaming, TV and movie studios to satisfy their wildest creative imaginings faster and more efficiently than ever before. Applications include recreating real-world objects and characters, constructing virtual sets, devising elaborate fantasy worlds, and 3D-printing objects that would be impossible to cost-effectively construct by other means.

3D Systems products and services permeate the worldwide entertainment industry, providing cutting-edge 3D scanning, modeling and 3D printing for greater realism or flights of the imagination. The experts at 3D Systems’ Gentle Giants studios have provided a host of 3D scanning services for a wide range of entertainment media, as well as 3D scanning, modeling and printing for related merchandise.

The Challenge

Providing 3D Scanning for Life of Pi Movie Effects

Powerful 3D scanning software was required to create models from the huge amounts of raw 3D scanning data for the iconic lifeboat and floating raft depicted in Life of Pi.


The Solution

LeaderTek Creates Realistic Models Using Geomagic Design X Software

Geomagic Design X reverse engineering software enabled LeaderTek to merge and optimize the massive point cloud scan data into a mesh STL file for realistic modeling of the lifeboat and raft.

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The Challenge

Creating Highly Realistic Digital Actors and Movie Props

A movie shot entirely on blue screen requires adding a very high-level of detail to the digital scan data of the actors and creating realistic digital props.


The Solution

Zack Petroc Uses Geomagic Freeform to Deliver Realistic Models and Props

Geomagic FreeForm with touch-based modeling offers the most intuitive option for creating organic content and characters.

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The Challenge

Providing Accurate Scan Data for An Animated Movie Dolphin

A Hollywood production studio needed accurate 3D data to create an animated dolphin that would share the screen with real and animatronic dolphins.


The Solution

NeoMetrix Uses Geomagic Software For Digital Realism in Dolphin Tale

The NeoMetrix team scanned the animatronic dolphin used in the film and processed the data with Geomagic Design X software to provide geometry for the 3D animated dolphin.

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