Teaching & Training

Whether mastering 3D digitization and design or critical aspects of manufacturing, surgery and more, students equipped with real world skills are real world ready.

As industries around the world migrate to improved practices in engineering, design, healthcare, manufacturing and inspection, there is a need for a workforce trained in the latest 3D technologies that enable the changes necessary to deliver greater speed and quality at lower costs.

3D Systems works with training centers and academic institutions throughout the world to give professionals and students the skills they need to adopt the advanced hardware and software that are revolutionizing a wide range of industries and social institutions.

The Challenge

Selecting the Right 3D Printer for a Mechatronics Laboratory

SISSA, the International School for Advanced Studies based in Trieste, Italy, needed the best 3D printer to conduct leading-edge scientific research and educate post-graduate students.


The Solution

ProJet 3510 MultiJet 3D Printer Removes Technological Constraints

The 3D printer allows students to develop highly complex objects and single-build assemblies with moving parts, something that couldn’t be done using traditional methods.

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The Challenge

Simulating Surgery Using the Patient’s Actual Anatomy

Airline pilots log hours of time on flight simulators before receiving flight certification. Why can’t surgeons use similar tools to practice surgery before operating on an actual patient?


The Solution

3D Graphics, Haptic Feedback Enable Practice Before Surgery

Surgical Theater LLC uses a patient’s own CT or MRI scans to create touch-enabled, 3D graphics that surgeons use to practice surgery before the actual operation.

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